A personal hostess gift

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A personal hostess gift

A hostess gift that will not fade away

Do you also think that it is a bit boring to bring flowers or chocolate every time you are invited to dinner? Would you like to give a present that is remembered and does not fade away after a few days?

If you are looking for a beautiful, fun and personal gift, we suggest that you surprise the hostess with a door knocker the next time you are invited over. A door knocker is available in many different variations so we are sure that you can find a version she will love. Surprise her with a majestic lion head or the beautiful woodpecker. If she is more into the classic and simple expression, a ring or a horseshoe will be an obvious choice. A door knocker is always a great gift for the woman or the man who has got everything. And we guarantee that it is a gift that she does not expect to receive.

Below is a selection of the door knockers you can find at VillaHus. Experience the whole selection here.


dørhammer ring i messing

Door knocker ring

The door hammer ring is the original door hammer shape that can be traced back to ancient Greece. Give the ring to the man or woman who prefers the simple and classic interior design but still wants to decorate the front door. The door hammer ring is available in various designs and materials.

See more here.

dørhammer delfin i messing








Door knocker dolphin

Give the dolphin knocker to the hostess who focuses on personal decoration design. Or maybe to the hostess who is interested in history. The dolphin handle is a French throne follower symbol, which is why it has adorned castles and mansions throughout Europe throughout our history. Here, the dolphin is transformed into a beautiful brass door hammer.

See the dolphin hammer here.

dørhammer lyre i messing

Door knocker lyre 

The door knocker, that is designed as a lyre, is a beautiful and classic door hammer that can decorate any door. The lyre is a graceful string instrument that has become a symbol of music and poetry over time.

The lyre is available in brass, browned brass and nickel right here.

dørhammer løvehoved messing

Door knocker lion head 

At VillaHus we have a large selection of door knockers, which are designed as a majestic lion head. Give this door knocker to the man or woman who is into the extravagant expression. The lion head has adorned the doors of the world since ancient times, where it was used to radiate power, strength and pride.

See our lion head door hammers here.



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