Authentic handles created by the sand casting technique

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 Authentic handles created by the sand casting technique


Authentic craftsmanship

In our modern and streamlined society, manual craftsmanship has become increasingly rare. When crafting by machines, products easily lose the unique, original and authentic expression. Based on this, we at VillaHus have selected our suppliers with great care. We are only interested in selling handles of the highest possible quality.

Enrico Cassina is one of our suppliers who still uses the so called sand casting technique which results in the fact that each product is handmade and therefore has an unique charm. Sand casting is a natural process where you can never know exactly how the product will be designed. Products created by sand casting are therefore unique in both the tactile and the visual expression. Below, we will step by step provide an insight into the old sand casting technique.

Handles created by the sand casting technique

  1. When a product is about to be created, a mold is filled with a mix of sand
  2. Previously a small mold has been created. This has the same shape as the final product
  3. The small mold is pressed down into the sand mold
  4. The small mold is removed when the correct shape is created in the sand mold
  5. The small mold has left a cavity in the sand mold
  6. Metal is melted under high temperature
  7. The metal is poured into the cavity
  8. The metal is cooled down and the sand mold is crushed. The product is now created



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