Join us for the hunting of cultural handles

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Join us for the hunting of cultural handles

The elegant Brown handle that beautifies the doors of Det Ny Teater in Copenhagen

Where are the classic door handles to be found?

Søe-Jensen & Co. has since 1862 delivered door handles, fittings, signs and other products to a wide range of buildings and attractions in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. Join us in the search of Danish cultural heritage and learn more about where Søe-Jensen & Co. has set its mark through the history. 


Hotel Nimb

The decorative Medici door handle from 1910 is delivered to the exclusive Hotel Nimb in Copenhagen with associated fittings.

Copenhagen City Hall

At the City Hall in Copenhagen, the eye-catching Weingarden door handle is to be found. 


In the historic street of Bredgade in Copenhagen, Søe-Jensen & Co. delivered the elegant Creutz door handle, which is still to be found in the popular street.

Christian VII's Palace

Also in the beautiful Christian VII's palace, the Creutz handle is to be found. In addition to this, the historic Dolphin handle is beautifying the Pompeian Convenience of the palace

Christiansborg Palace

If you visit Christiansborg Palace, you will find both the Empire handle and the Weingarden door handle on the many decorative doors.

Kokkedal Castle

At the beautiful Kokkedal Castle, Søe-Jensen & Co. delivered large, elegant brass signs, lanterns for the hall as well as outdoor and indoor door handles.

Det Nye Teater

In Det Ny Teater you will find the elegant Brown handles, which are undoubtedly worthy of a theater from the beginning of the 19th century.


The Balfour handle is probably the most creative door handle that Søe-Jensen produces. The handle beutifues eg. the lovely Messiah Church in Charlottenlund.







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