Get your cables under control - easy and decorative

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Get your cables under control - easy and decorative


A decorative cable hider

Flush pull handles are most often used as handles for sliding doors, cabinets and drawers. This is often in the kitchen on both cabinets and doors. Today, many in particular choose to attach flush pull handles in the kitchen to combine the modern interior design with the charming retro look that the the flush pull handles often are connected with.

With a little creativity, however, the beautiful flush pull handles have many more possibilities to offer. Below we have made a quick guide on how to use your flush pull handles to hide cables easily and decorative.

  1. Place the flush pull handle on your furniture (at the spot where you want to hide your cables)

  2. Mark with a pencil around the flush pull handle and remove the handle again

  3. Attach a drill bit on your drill

  4. Drill the hole in the furniture where you have marked it

  5. Push out the bottom of your flush pull handle

  6. Fit the flush pull handle into the hole and lead the cables through the bowl

In this way you have a cable hider that is both beautiful and functional at the same time. For example, choose a flush pull handle that matches other details in your room to make sure that you connect the details of your interior design. You can, for example, choose the flush pull handles in the golden brass as we have chosen in our showroom.


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