Guide for the choice of rosettes

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Guide for the choice of rosettes

Find the rosettes that fit your home. Here is the popular Østerbro wooden handle in fine company with the decorative rosettes in oxidised brass from Søe-Jensen & Co.

The rosette - a small detail with great importance

You have already chosen which model and material your new door handles should come in, but what about the rosettes?

The rosette is the tiny item that is placed between the door handle and the door itself. The rosette is often not given much attention, but in fact, the rosette can make a significant difference to the overall interior expression. Because of this, you can find a wide selection of rosettes at VillaHus which means that you can combine your door handles with the rosettes that will create exactly the interior style you are looking for.

What material?

What material are you looking for? At VillaHus we offer rosettes in materials such as brass, steel, nickel, brushed steel, brushed brass, chrome, black lacquer, copper, browned brass and in oxidised brass.

Most of our customers choose to mount rosettes in the same material as the door handles that are chosen for the doors. However, if you choose door handles in for example wood, you will often choose rosettes in one of the many metals we offer. Take for example a look at the popular Svanemøllen door handle mounted on the charming oxidized brass rosettes.

What type of rosette?

Like door handles, rosettes are also available in many different designs, sizes and models. Choose the simple, round rosettes if you want a simple expression or if you just want a special focus on your door handles.

Rosetter messing coupé greb




However, you can also choose to mount your door handles on more eye-catching rosettes. At VillaHus you can find rosettes with decorative patterns and charming engravings. This can, among others, be the beautiful rosettes from Søe-Jensen & Co. in antique or oxidized brass.


Rosetter dørgreb svanemøllen





If you want a streamlined and simple look, you can choose a so-called snap-on cover that you mount on top of your rosettes. A snap-on cover is easy to use as it simply clicks on the included rosettes. With a snap-on cover, the screws in your rosettes are hidden easily and decorative.


Villahus arne jacobsen snap on cover





Take a look at our selection of single rosettes here or take a look at our many door handles with included rosettes here.

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