What is the difference between Arne Jacobsen and Bellevue?

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What is the difference between Arne Jacobsen and Bellevue?

What to choose - the AJ door handle or the Bellevue handle?

We often meet customers who are wondering whether to choose the Arne Jacobsen door handle or the Bellevue handle for their doors.

The two handles have many similarities but are still different in a number of ways. We therefore understand the dilemma well and in this connection we have outlined the differences and similarities of the two door handles in the hope of that your decision-making process will be easier.

Historical difference

First of all, it can be mentioned that the handle called "Arne Jacobsen" on the webshop is the original design handle that Jacobsen designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in the 50s. The handle was designed in the same style and design lines as the iconic furniture classics "Ægget" and "Svanen", that are also designed for the hotel by Arne Jacobsen. Since the 50s, Ægget, Svanen and the AJ handle have been some of the most popular designs in modern homes.

The Bellevue door handle is inspired by Arne Jacobsen's design but is not identical to the original AJ handle. The name "Bellevue" refers to Bellevue Strandbad, which was Arne Jacobsen's first building, which also clarifies the parallel between the two handles.


Technical difference

Both the Arne Jacobsen handle and the Bellevue handle are available in a large and a small model. We recommend the large model for outdoor use, while the small model is recommended for indoor doors. Technically, the two door handles are very similar to each other, however, the difference is that the AJ handle is designed with a ball bearing. This means that the handle is better attached to the rosette, while the rosette and handle also do not rub directly against each other.

Both the AJ handle and the Bellevue handle are available in brass, copper, steel, chrome, nickel, black color and browned brass.

Aesthetic difference

Arne Jacobsen created the AJ handle to fit perfectly in the human palm. When you squeeze a piece of model wax, you get a print, and it is this print from which the handle is created. The AJ handle is light and elegant in its expression with a distinctive twist in the handle itself. This gives the handle a curved silhouette, which is framed by sharp lines.

The Bellevue handle has basically got the same silhouette as the AJ handle. The biggest difference between the two handles is that the Bellevue handle does not have as sharp a twist as the AJ handle. At the same time, the Bellevue door handle is slightly wider in the silhouette, and there is not as much contrast between the narrow and the wide portion of the handle as on the AJ handle.

Price difference

The Arne Jacobsen door handle is more expensive than the Bellevue handle, as the AJ handle is the original design while the Bellevue is inspired by this design. The Bellevue handle costs approx. half the price of the AJ handle, but the specific price difference depends on what material you are choosing. 


Find your Arne Jacobsen door handle here

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