Why is it called Trommesalen?

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Why is it called Trommesalen?

Newly opened showroom at Trommesalen

VillaHus has just opened a new showroom at Trommesalen in the streets of Copenhagen. Today, Trommesalen is a 130 meter long street at Vesterbro which connects Gammel Kongevej and Vesterbrogade. At VillaHus we have gone back in time to find out how the Trommesalen has gotten its distinctive name (if you translate the name directly into English, it will be called "The drum hall").

Why Trommesalen?

Back in 1577 it was forbidden to slaughter animals in the center of Copenhagen as it smelled horrible and at the same time was unhygienic according to diseases. This led to the fact that the royal butcher Niels Olufsen starting a cattle market outside Vesterport. In this way, the city center got rid of the smell and the diseases, and at the same time it was easier to check that the right charges were paid before the cattle were brought into the city itself. Every time the market opened, the drum was hit to signal that the cattle market was in progress. People started naming the street Trommesalen because of this drumming - and today the street could not be called anything else.


Come by our showroom at Trommesalen 7 between 09.00-17.30 (Mon - Fri) or between 10.00-15-00 (Sat).

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