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Door handle specialist - Villahus

We are specialists in exclusive door handles

At VillaHus we have a special passion for interior design. We believe that your home is telling the story of who you are. We have an extraordinary passion for each interior detail, which means that we are specialized in exclusive door handles, door knockers, door stops, cabinet knobs and other fittings for your home. To ensure high quality, we have carefully selected all the designers, architects and design companies we are working together with. We are proud to offer designs from exclusive and well-known brands such as Arne Jacobsen, Knud Holscher, Samuel Heath and Turnstyle Design.

Personal advice in our showroom

On our webshop you can find more than 1.600 beautiful, elegant and extraordinary interior design products that will beautify your home in its own way. In addition to this, we have opened our showroom in the heart of Copenhagen, where you can experience more than 400 of our products. We know how important it is for you to be able to experience the products physically. And at the same time we always enjoy meeting our customers face-to-face. This means that we can always be able to offer the advice and guidance each costumer needs.

Meet the team


Henrik - Salgschef

Sales Manager
Telefon: +45 4010 3737
E-mail: henrik@villahus.dk


Peter Sebastian

Team Leader (Shop) / Sales Advisor
Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: malene@villahus.dk

Malene - Salgsrådgiver - Telefon 6915  8085

Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: stephanie@villahus.dk

Magdalena - Bogholder og Kundeservice

Country manager
Telefon +45 9215 8085
E-mail: magdalena@villahus.dk

Gustav - Lagermedarbejder - Telefon 6915  8085

Team leader (warehouse)
Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: gustav@villahus.dk


Tue - Lagermedarbejder - Telefon 6915  8085

Webshop warehouse worker
Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: tue@villahus.dk

Sebastian - Lagermedarbejder - Telefon 6915  8085

Customer service and Webshop warehouse worker
Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: sebastian@villahus.dk

Stephanie - Salgsrådgiver - Telefon 6915  8085

Webshop warehouse worker
Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: andreas@villahus.dk

Stephanie - Salgsrådgiver - Telefon 6915  8085

Accounting staff
Telefon +45 6915 8085

E-mail: pia@villahus.dk

Stephanie - Salgsrådgiver - Telefon 6915  8085

External consultants
Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: bo@villahus.dk

Dennis VillaHus

SEO ekspert
Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: dennis@villahus.dk

Martin - Webmaster

Telefon +45 6915 8085
E-mail: martin@villahus.dk

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