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Enrico Cassina door handles

Door handle from Italian Enrico Cassina

Historical references

Enrico Cassina is an Italian brand that produces the highest quality door handles and door levers. The brand has been producing this high quality hardware since 1850. Each handle is a true work of art and refers to a particular historical period and style. Take, for example, the extravagant brass handles that are inspired by the baroque or the characteristic door handles that refer to the 20's Gatsby style.

In this way, Enrico Cassina is a colorful brand consisting of historical references. Today the handles are to be found in beautiful houses, luxury villas and exclusive hotels in more than 80 countries.

Experience the many categories below and be inspired by the Italian charm.

Note! Since most of the door handles from Enrico Cassina are coming all the way from our supplier in Italy, it will take approx. 4-5 weeks from the time you order your handle until you receive it. 


Enrico Cassina door handles

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