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Valli & Valli door handles

Italian design at its finest

Valli & Valli has more than 80 years of experience within the door industry and is today the largest manufacturer of door handles and door levers in Italy.

Valli & Valli's design adds new dimensions to today's interior design, as the products connect classic design with modern innovation. At the same time, each design is seasoned with the very special charm that we know from the country of Italy.

The door handles from Valli & Valli can be combined in many ways so that you are always guaranteed exactly the look you are looking for.

Door handles as small works of art

A special part of Valli & Valli is the Fusital collection in which all products are created by the world's leading designers and by architects who are on their way to become famous artists. Each handle is therefore unique in its expression and will add minimalistic elegance and aesthetics to any home.

Valli & Valli door handles

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