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Chrome and nickel door handles

Exclusive door handles in silver shades

Choose your door handle or door lever in chrome or nickel if you want the cool, subdued expression in your home. Chrome and nickel fit perfectly into the Scandinavian interior design, but it can also be combined with many other styles, as both types of materials have a simple and minimalistic expression. Both chrome and nickel have a silver-like color tone, but there are still some differences to be found if you compare the two materials.


Chrome is a shiny and reflective material with a mirror-like surface. Chrome is timeless and elegant in its expression and is also very durable, which means that chrome can easily be exposed for intense temperatures and weather conditions.


Nickel has a warmer undertone compared to chrome, and nickel products will eventually have an antique look. Nickel, like chrome, is very durable in terms of temperatures and humidity, but it is often cheaper than chrome. See, among others, the classic coupé door handle in chrome or the iconic Arne Jacobsen handle.

Chrome and nickel door handles

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