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Kleis Design Handles

Kleis design dørgreb

A combination of aesthetics and functionality 

Kleis was founded in 1991 and is today a leading brand in the design of door handles and door levers all over Europe.

For Kleis, design and functionality go hand in hand, which means that the many European and Italian designers at Kleis always focus on combining aesthetics and functionality. In this way, Kleis has created a large selection of handles that are no longer "just" simple objects for the home - but actually tiny functional pieces of art.

The apriti handle designed by Starck

The Apriti door handle is one of the popular handles of Kleis. The handle is designed by Philippe Starck and appears as a functional handle that is both sensual and graceful while referring to the neapolitan horn. Philippe Starck also designed the iconic building in Tokyo, known as the Asahi Super Dry Hall. It is clear that the door handle is inspired by Starck's iconic building.

Kleis Design Handles

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