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Søe-Jensen & Co.

The Weingarden door handle

Søe-Jensen and Co. produces door handles, door levers and door knockers that is based on tradition, beauty and quality.

Søe-Jensen and Co. is for example known for the Weingarden door handles, that are also known as the Hellerup handle or the S-handle. These classic door handles are available for both internal and external doors. The Weingarden handle was originally designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll in connection with the many mansion properties that were built in Denmark around 1860. Today, the handles are to be found in all types of houses and buildings.

Classic beauty

Søe-Jensen and Co. has produced its extraordinary handle since 1862, when the brand was named Hansen & Søe-jensen. In the 1930s Hansen stopped their co-ownership, which meant that the company was renamed Søe-Jensen & Co. - as we know it today. At this time, Søe-Jensen & Co. produced, among others, all the door handle fittings for the train carriages in DSB and door handles for a large number of cars. In 1986, Henrik Westergaard bought the company and he is still working ad the owner today.

Note! All products are molded in the old sand molds, which means that each door handle, back plates and rosette is unique in its expression. Soe-Jensen & Co.'s products have a rustic charm in which the original expression is maintained.

Søe-Jensen & Co.

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