Weingarden Door Handles

Also known as Hellerup lever or S-grip

The door handle came on the market around 1860 i.fbm. the many new mansion property that was built in major Danish cities. The handle is used for both internal doors and front door handles.
Weingarden being produced at the company Soe-Jensen & Co. which has existed since 1862 and continues to deliver door handles to VillaHus.com 
Their products are manufactured in a brass alloy with a very high copper content, which gives the brass a warm and deep color, and so are their products not coated so that the metal have a great patina over time. All Weingarden døgreb can be used for both older doors and new doors. The handle is used primarily as indoor grip, but also exists in a larger version as a front door handle. Look here ...

Weingarden Door Handles

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