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Flush pull handle

Flush pull handle

Wide selection of flush pull handles 

At VillaHus you will find a wide selection of flush pull handles or slinding door bowls. A flush pull handle can be used for e.g sliding doors or kitchen doors. With a flush pull handle, you attach a beautiful, circular detail on the furniture while the pull handle is also comfortable to touch for the hand that meets it.

At VillaHus you will find many different types of flush pull handles. For example, you can find the half-moon flush pull handle that makes it extra easy to grab the handle and pull the sliding door on or off. You can also find your flush pull handle with concealed cover which means that the hole is covered when it is not in use. This ensures that dust cannot be collected in the hole.

Below you can also find the so-called hatch handle, the oval sliding door bowls and the rectangular sliding door bowls.

Flush pull handle

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