Havn't I seen that door handle before?

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Havn't I seen that door handle before?


6 iconic buildings in Copenhagen

Sometimes our costumers have been at a place where you have been paying extra attention to the door handles. Then you call us and ask which door handles you have experienced. We love when you act like curious detectives - and we have the opportunity to solve the mystery together. With this in mind, we have gathered a number of iconic Copenhagen buildings and sights where the doors are adorned with very special door handles.


Randi dørgreb p3014 i blank krom

Hotel d'Angleterre

A few years ago, it was decided that Hotel d'Angleterre was to be restored and in connection with this it was decided that door handles from Danish Randi should adorn the doors. The collection is called Classic-Line and is created with inspiration from old and traditionel buildings. Find the handles in the Classic-Line collection here.

Henning Larsen dørgreb - Børstet stål

The Royal Danish Opera

The famous Danish architect Henning Larsen designed his iconic door handle in 1996. The handle can be found on the doors of The Royal Danish Opera and at Nordea's head office in Copenhagen. Henning Larsen's purpose of the handle was to create a product that was simple, elegant and has a narrow silhouette. Find Henning Larsen's handle here.

Jean Nouvel dørgreb i teak og børset stål

DR Koncerthuset

Jean Nouvel's beautiful door handles remind us of a set of animal horns. The handle was originally designed for DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen and the handles are still to be found on the doors of the building. Today, the handle is made in the materials: teak wood, beech, oak tree and brushed steel. Experience the many versions of Jean Nouvel's handle here.

Medici dørgreb - Blank nikkel - Restaurant NIMB

Hotel Nimb

Today, the Medici door handle is beautifing the five star Nimb hotel, which is located next to Tivoli in Copenhagen. The Medici door handle is originally from the beginning of the 20th century but the handle is still produced today by Søe-Jensen & Co., which creates it in the original molds. Find the beautiful Medici handle here.

Arne Jacobsen dørgreb - SAS Hotel - Børstet stål

SAS Royal Hotel 

Arne Jacobsen's popular door handle was originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1956 together with furniture such as "Svanen" and "Ægget". The handle is defined by curved lines and is extremely functional as it is created so that it fills the cavity in the hand that grips it. Find Arne Jacobsen's handle here.


Delfin dørgreb - Poleret messing

Christian VIII's Palace

The Dolphin door handle is a French throne follower symbol, which means that it has over time adorned castles and mansions throughout Europe. The dolphin can, among other things, still be found in Christian VIII's Palace in Copanhagen. The palace was built in 1750-60 and today, the castle is the home of Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Princess Benedikte. Find the dolphin lever right here.

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