Did you know that you can get your door handles in birch bark?

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Did you know that you can get your door handles in birch bark?


Door handles in steel and birch bark

Door handles in birch bark?

A lot of people are surprised when they discover Lars Vejen's door handle of birch bark in our showroom. At VillaHus we make sure to have a large selection of door handles and door levers in many different materials and designs. In this way, we are sure that you can always find exactly that handle that fit into your interior design. The birch bark door handle is one of the grips that stands out but at the same time, it's stylish and simple in its composition.

New version of the handle

Lars Vejen's door handle is made in the golden birch bark, which integrates the nature into the home in the most beautiful way. Birch bark is actually one of the oldest and most renewable natural materials known from man-made designs. In addition to this, the birch bark is antibacterial which means that the door handle has a resistance to all the bacteria we carry with us in our hands.

VillaHus has for a long time only been able to sell Lars Vejen's door handle in one model, but a brand new version of the handle has now been launched. This means that the handle can now be found both in a bow- and in a L-shaped silhouette. Both handles are made of steel and the soft birch bark.

This year's designer

Lars Vejen has created our eye-catching door handles in steel and birch bark. He is a Danish architect and designer, who won the title of "Designer of the Year" at the Design Awards 2018. As the jury explained: 


Lars Vejen has demonstrated in the finest way that he is a versatile designer. He works on both large and small scale and draws everything from door handles, head doors and acoustic ceilings to the most beautiful and aesthetic designs for the home.


Lars Vejen always works with form, function and context. In this way he manages to create classic products which are always created on the basis of balance and harmony. Experience Lars Vejen's amazing door handles by following this link.

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