FSB door handles - architectural quality

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FSB door handles - architectural quality

The FSB door handles are handmade with every detail in mind.

FSB – handmade door handles

FSB is a beautiful and eye-catching universe of hardware products for the home. All products from FSB are in a class of their own when it comes to visual aesthetics and quality functionality.

You can immediately feel the special gravity and quality when taking a FSB door handle in your hand. It is this quality that FSB is known for by architects, builders and customers around the world - step by our showroom in Trommesalen in Copenhagen and feel it yourself.

Architectural quality

The FSB brand today has over 135 years of experience in designing and creating products within the hardware industry. FSB has partnered up with a lot of skilled architects, who believe that it is important that each interior detail fits into the surrounding architectural environment. This means that FSB (in collaboration with the well-chosen architects) has developed a product range that can be beautifully and functionally included in all forms of contemporary and periodic architecture.

FSB's products are all handmade and are always made with a focus on sustainability, which just makes the products even more irresistible.



FSB dørgreb rustfri stål

FSB Dørgreb messing

FSB dørgreb aluminium

FSB dørgreb messing

FSB dørgreb sort aluminium

FSB dørgreb bronze



Would you also like to beautify your doors with high quality door handles? Find your FSB door handles in materials such as brass, stainless steel, black aluminum, brushed aluminum or bronze.

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