Formani door handles

Formani - door handles that are more than a detail 

Formani is a famous luxury brand specialized in door handles, window handles and cabinet handles. Formani's mission and main goal is to create innovative and exclusive, high-quality products that can provide the perfect detail in architectural interior design worldwide.

Formani also believes that even though the detail is only a small part of the whole interior design, the detail can always either emphasize or destroy the overall interior expression. Because of this, door handles are an important detail that should be focused on in the whole interior designing process. 

Well-known designers

Formani has teamed up with partners in over 40 different countries to break borders and capture the beauty of other cultures and interior styles. Formani believes that the result will always be most beautiful when you are open to get inspired by others.

This means that Formani, among others, has created door handles in collaboration with well-known designers such as Mathieu Bruls, Tord Boontje, Bob Manders and Edward Van Vliet.

Formani door handles

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