BOSCO by Rosa-Violán

Bosco door handle villahus

Bosco - door handles inspired by the history

Bosco is a decorative product line created by designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán in collaboration with Formani. The series includes a number of beautiful door handles that are characterized by a functional and modern look, which, however, has roots in a classic design.

The door handles are inspired by the old, historical knives that were used in western households for decades. These knives were made out of traditional stainless steel and were fitted with a black shaft. The Bosco Series door handles are inspired by these historical knives and are also created with the same black construction plastic as the knives were constructed from. In this way, the handles from the Bosco collection have a classic vintage expression that only spreads more nostalgia, the more they are used.

BOSCO by Rosa-Violán

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