FSB Door handle with euro profile escutcheon - Dark bronze - Johannes Potente - Model 1080

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Door handle with euro profile escutcheon - Dark bronze brushed aluminum - Johannes Potente

A door handle from German FSB. It was probably a blacksmith in the distant past who first shaped a round piece of steel on his anvil, to create a door handle. This door handle was for a long time called the "Stable door handle". As the end bends towards the door. This should prevent the headgear from getting caught. What was good for the animal world, would enjoy a happy resurrection on house doors hundreds of years later. With this scaled-down version, Johannes Potente wanted to introduce the model at home, which he managed to do.

  • The door handle measures 135 mm.
  • Rosettes and euro profile escutcheons measure 50 mm.


The door handle is delivered as a set with:

  • 2 Door handles.
  • 2 Rosettes.
  • 2 Euro profile escutcheons.
  • 1 Door handle iron 8x8 mm.
  • 2 quill screws.
  • 1 Allen key.
  • Various screws for mounting.
Item code: 12 1080 01310 0710
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x FSB Door handle - Dark bronze - Johannes Potente - Model 1080
  • 1 x FSB Europrofile PZ - Dark bronze - cc38 mm

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