Joseph Giles Door handle - Brushed brass - Model LV1113

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Joseph Giles Door Handle - Model RATHBONE

A door handle from english Joseph Giles, made of brushed solid brass.

Joseph Giles has long worked with architects and designers. And in the same way, the 'RATHBONE' door handle came to be, when an architect from London sought a high-quality door handle that was modern, and at the same time followed the style of the historically preserved building from Mayfair in London, that they were in the process of renovating. The Rathbone door handle creates a connection between the traditional and the modern; with a design that is sleek, elegant and prominent. This door handle is perfect for any room and comes in a range of fine metal finishes.

  • The door handle measures 146 mm in length.
  • The thickness of the door handle is 21 mm.
  • The rosette measures 52x52 mm.
  • The door handle is suitable for doors up to 54 mm in thickness.


The door handle is delivered as a set with:

  • 2 Joseph Giles RATHBONE door handle.
  • 2 Rosettes.
  • Various screws and things for mounting.
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Joseph Giles

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