Joseph Giles Door handle - Dark bronze - Model LV1164

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Joseph Giles Door Handle - Model REMMINGTON

A door handle from english Joseph Giles, made of solid brass with a finish in dark bronze.

The Remmington door handle takes its inspiration from pocket watches from the 16th century, and up to the First World War. Back then, almost every man wore one of these practical watches until the wristwatch outperformed them, fastened with a delicate chain that often passed through the buttonhole of a vest, to keep track of the day that passed. And even though it is not so popular today, it is still a symbol of class and elegance.

Joseph Giles knows well that ironmongery is only a small part of the design process. But it is these small details and touches that raise the quality of the design and bring the door handle to life.

With the Remmington door handle, Joseph Giles has tried to revive this beauty, and class with the help of exquisite design, and high quality materials. This gives the door handle an increasing and practical look which fits well with a classic interior.


  • The door handle measures 148 mm in length.
  • The thickness of the door handle is 22 mm.
  • The rosette measures 54 mm in the diameter.
  • The door handle is suitable for doors up to 54 mm in thickness.


The door handle is delivered as a set with:

  • 2 Joseph Giles REMMINGTON door handle.
  • 2 Rosettes.
  • Various screws and things for mounting.
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Dark bronze

Joseph Giles

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