Hornsleth by Villahus - Arne Jacobsen door handle - AJ111 - cc30mm

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Unique applied art

The classic Arne Jacobsen door handle has been in the hands of the artist Kristian von Hornsleth. With its iconic art and exuberant choice of colors, Hornsleth has created these colorful and exciting door handles.

The door handle was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955, and is still produced as one of the greatest design classics in door handles.

Arne Jacobsen door handle fits all door thicknesses.

  • Door handle measures 111 mm
  • The rosette measures 50 mm
  • The center distance is 30 mm


You can choose to have it lying around, like the piece of art it is from Hornsleth's hand - or you can choose to mount it on your doors and enjoy it as unique applied art.

Each door handle is hand-painted and unique, and is only offered in limited numbers.

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Brushed steel

Arne Jacobsen


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