The summer is here - get your house and garden ready

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The summer is here - get your house and garden ready

Decorate your house and garden

The summer is here, the temperatures are rising, and the garden furniture are already in use. This means that it is the perfect time to make sure that the garden looks absolutely great and the house facade is perfectly up to date. At VillaHus we have a collection of products that can ensure that both the house and garden will shine during the summer time.

Decorate the front yard with a new mailbox

Decorate the front yard with a mailbox that will make the postman happy but also at the same time is decorative. At VillaHus we have a large selection of mailboxes that are both locked and unlocked and that are available with a socket and without. Select a classic mailbox in black, white or gray or decorate the front yard with a more colorful mailbox in either red or green.


Postkasse VillaHus






House numbers in white, black, chrome and brass

Isn't time for a new beautiful house number on your house wall? At VillaHus you can find your new house number that will beautify your house facade. In addition to this, it can actually save lives to place the house number clearly and obvious in case of people passing by who have to call the emergency.

Find your new house number in white, black, chrome, nickel or brass.



Husnummer VillaHus






A window casement stay that ensures ventilation

window casement stay can come to our rescue when the heat is seriously over us. Keep the window open with a window casement stay that ensures that the wind does not enter the window when ventilating the home during the hot summer days.


window casement stay








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