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TIMELESS by Formani

Timeless - a door handle between present and past

Timeless is a stylish hardware collection that is both modern and historical at the same time.

The products of the collection are created with inspiration from the European style period from 1815-1950, and each product in the collection is named after the year its design refers to. All products in the Timeless range are authentic, which means that Formani never compromises on the historical design of the products. Among other things, the door handles are created with flat rosettes and are attached with screws that were used in older times.

This historical design is combined with a contemporary functionality such as the special PVD surface treatment that ensures that the handle can be used for outdoor use. In addition to this, the handles are provided with a smart spring mechanisms, which makes the handle even more functional in the modern home.

TIMELESS by Formani

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