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FSB Door handle with escutcheon - Black aluminium - Robert Mallet-Stevens - Model 1076

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Door handle with escutcheon - Robert Mallet-Stevens

A door handle from German FSB. It was the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens who decided to split a pipe in two and afterwards put the ends back together at an angle of 45 degrees. To create the door handle which is now known as the "Frankfurt model" The door handle was rediscovered when an architect's museum was built in Frankfurt, and since then it has been very popular

  • The door handle measures 137 mm
  • Rosettes and escutcheons measure 50 mm


The door handle is delivered as a set with:

  • 2 Door handles in Black aluminum
  • 2 Rosettes in Black aluminum
  • 2 Escutcheons in Black aluminum
  • 1 Door handle iron 8x8 mm
  • 2 quill screws
  • 1 Allen key
  • Various screws for mounting

Item code: 12 1076 11302 0810
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x FSB Door handle - Black aluminium - Robert Mallet-Stevens - Model 1076
    Sold out - Delivery 4-5 weeks
  • 1 x FSB Escutcheon - Black Aluminium

Stock status: Delivery 4-5 weeks

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