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Door handle exterior, AMBRUS, Nickel plated door back plate

344,00 £

Classic front door handle with long sign

The door handle came on the market around 1920 - and is a big and classic front door handle. Søe-Jensen & Co manufactures it from the original molds.
The door handle is made of solid nickel-plated brass with high copper content, and is cast into sandy shape, which gives the door handle a perfect surface. Neither the door handle nor the long separator are lacquered, which eventually gives the door handle a beautiful patina. The door handle fits both new and older doors of all thicknesses.

  • The back plate measures 45 x 210 mm
  • The door handle measures 120 mm
  • Hole to hole distance is 72 mm


Door handle with long plate, sold as set with:

  • 2 Nickel-plated door handle
  • 2 Amalienborg long plates in nickel-plated brass and with drop cylinder
  • 1 Door spindle 8x8 mm
  • 2 pinole screws
  • 1 Allen key
  • Various screws for assembly

Item code: SJ.08-039N-16
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x Door handle (set) - Nickel - AMBRUS
  • 2 x Backplate with europrofile hole - Nickel - AMALIENBORG - cc 72 mm
  • 1 x Nickel wood screws - Slotted - 3,0x12 mm (8 pcs.)

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